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Greetings Makers!

I’m Mike Difronzo, the founder of WiZE 3D. Let me tell you a little about how this all started and why WiZE 3D exists today.

There really couldn’t have been a better match for me than 3D printers.  I get to combine my past experience with computers, graphic design, woodworking, and robotics to bring to you what I thought was a much needed website in a nascent industry. As I started looking into buying my first 3D printer, I couldn’t seem to find any one stop shops for all the best products. Some had only a handful of printers and others had too many to count. Back when Makerbot was making wooden printers, I decided to create a prototype website to pitch to 3D printer manufacturers and investors that would solve a major problem at the time. Where to shop for a 3D printer? After browsing the web endlessly, trying to find the right printer, I came across the Prusa i3. I contacted the manufacturer, and before I knew it, I was a certified reseller, getting a discount on my first 3D printer. After a day of building, wiring, and programming the Prusai3, I was hooked. Watching my creation dance back and forth layer by layer, creating real objects from electrical signals was mesmerizing. I knew from that moment, I wanted others to feel what I had felt. The future. Given the drive to succeed and spread this great technology everywhere to everyone, I began emailing every 3D printer manufacturer on the planet. From the USA, to Europe, from Canada to India, if they manufactured 3D printers, I contacted them hoping to become a reseller, with one goal. To own and operate the worlds largest repository of 3D printers for sale. And I did. Not too long after, I had almost one hundred different desktop 3D printers for sale. Along with a handful of scanners and filament. But that was the problem. I was starting to become ‘that website’ I strived to beat. Over saturated by low quality printers and without knowing where to turn, I lost all of my data, including my backups. Hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars gone. It was a blessing in disguise. Forced to either abandon the idea, or start from scratch, I had only one option. To make WiZE 3D bigger and better than ever before!

The new and improved WiZE 3D online store focuses on one thing: Professionalism. We no longer offer kits that take hours if not days to setup, or printers that require frequent calibration. From now on, WiZE 3D will be offering only the latest and greatest 3D printers on the planet. Printers that can plug and play. Printers that can 3D scan. Printers that do the impossible. But most importantly; Printers that everyone will enjoy using.

WiZE 3D’s Mission:

  • To offer only the best plug and print 3D printers.
  • -High quality and elegant printer design.
  • -High quality print output.
  • -Groundbreaking Technologies.
  • Free shipping to the USA.
  • Free consultation regarding your printer purchase. Feel free to contact us if you need help deciding which printer is best for you.
  • Free lifetime support for all 3D printer purchases.
  • Rock bottom prices. If you find any of our products advertised for less, contact us and we will do everything we can to beat their price and earn your business.
  • And of course; To spread the adoption of household 3D printers.

In summary; I made WiZE 3D to help you make whatever it is you make. To immerse the world into the age of creation. To expand the meaning of information. And; To change the world one print at a time.

What will you make?

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