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Robox and the included software AutoMaker is designed to be easy to use, produce repeatable results reliably and be easily maintained and expanded. Safety features, patented innovations, real day to day usability and aesthetics were all important in the design process. In the November 2015 global survey by 3D HUBS Robox was recommended by 100% of it’s users and got equal first place for the Plug and Play award alongside a much more expensive printer.
This printer uses proprietary filament rolls found at:
Build Volume: 8.3 x 5.9 x 3.9 inches

The Robox 3D printer is the future of micro-manufacturing

The Robox is not just a 3D Printer.

Featuring the HeadLock system, the Robox is capable of operating with multiple heads. Users will have the opportunity to upgrade their Robox to become a dual material printer, stylus cutter, milling head or 3D scanner.

  • Dual color print head and scanning head to be available soon

Robox 3D Printer

Desktop Manufacturing Platform

We’re special and we’re going to stay special.

We design products to help make jobs easier and a bit more fun. If you can think it, you can print it.

Need support or have questions? Call our helpline.

  • Automatic Build Platform Levelling
  • Separate Build Chamber and Electronics Enclosure
  • Pause and Resume
  • Nozzle Valve System to eliminate oozing
  • Speed – Dual Nozzle System
  • Large High Torque Stepper Motors with High Resolution Axes
  • High quality Frame and Case Design

Robox Key Features

Robox includes a proprietary dual-nozzle system which can improve print speeds by up to 300%

A first for 3D printers, Robox lets you pause and resume your jobs

Dual Nozzle System

Robox includes a proprietary dual-nozzle system which can improve print speeds by up to 300% when set against our competitors. A single material feed can be directed out of one of two nozzles – with a 0.3 or 0.8 millimeter extrusion diameter. This means Robox can produce highly detailed exterior surfaces for the surfaces you can see, and then quickly fill the object using the larger nozzle multiple layers at a time without affecting part strength or detail.

Automatic Build Platform Levelling

One of the major problems with almost all available 3D printers is that the bed must be manually leveled to ensure the first layer adheres correctly. This is be a fiddly process which has to be regularly repeated – a source of frustration for other 3D printer owners. Well, we’ve solved that. Robox uses a proprietary bed probing mechanism which can measures the location of the bed before every print. As both Z motors are driven independently they can be adjusted to ensure the X axis is always parallel to the print bed.

AutoMaker Software

AutoMaker is the software used to layout your models, view the status of Robox and adjust the settings used during a printing or other operations. AutoMaker is available to download and can be installed in most languages on many operating systems including Windows, MacOS and Linux. Our default settings are tried and tested using our filament and allow even a complete novice user to get a repeatable and consistent result every time.



Functions/Common uses 3D Printing of practially anything including:

- Figurines of your childrens’ drawings
- Mobile phone cases and holders
- Custom or replacement household items such as Coffee Cups or Vases
- Fashion items, jewellry and customised accessories
- Household repairs and diy items eg A broken handle for the cupboard door
- Prototypes and aesthetic models, architecture and usable 3D objects
- Film and tv props and special effects
- Custom fitted masks and fancy dress accessories
- Educational props and science projects
- Prosthetics/Medical models
- Custom photographic items
- Your own unique design or variations on a design….the possibilities are endless!
- Print any 3d model. Commonly used .stl and .obj formats are supported natively

Whats in the Box? RBX1 Robox® 3D printer
1 Reel of Filament
Instruction manual
2 Year Warranty
Automaker™ Software
USB stick
USB cable
Build Volume 210 x 150 x 100mm
8.3 x 5.9 x 3.9″
Best layer resolution 20 microns
Nozzle Diameters 0.3mm and 0.8mm
0.012” and 0.031”
Material Compatibility PLA, ABS, HIPS Nylon, PC, PVA
Supplied Software Robox® AutoMaker™
Supported operating systems Windows, Apple, Linux
Computer requirements Most recent hardware will run AutoMaker, if your system is unusual or lacking graphics or processing power simply download the latest version of AutoMaker here and try loading a model. Linux currently requires proprietary Nvidia graphics drivers.
Internal Lighting Full RGB
Draught blocking enclosure YES
Replaceable print head YES


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