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Craftbot PLUS


Rapid Prototyping at it’s finest!

We offer the complete package: just load your model into CraftWare, slice and print. The CraftBot 3D printer sets the industrial standard for quality and performance and at this price, it’s an offer that you cannot refuse. No assembly required: CraftBot works right out of the box.

Build Volume: 10 x 8 x 8 inches


What happens when you take all of the existing sought-after features of the original CraftBot 3D printer and you add 24 Volt capabilities, upgraded components and a new PCB?? You get the CraftBot PLUS! The new heated build plate will reach 110°C, and it gets to this temperature very quickly; this means no more glue stick for ABS prints! Our new PCB allows for start and stop printing; with a new memory option you can also pick up printing where you left off, in the case of an interruption or power outage -plus additional PCB attachment upgrade capabilities! and with all the same great original CraftBot options which place it leagues ahead of the pack: all-steel frame and quality, second-to-none construction and components, 100 micron/layer print resolution, large build volume, custom ARM processor based hardware with a 2.8 inch color touchscreen display; all this in the most adaptable, compatible, user-customizable and affordable printer on the 3D printer market today. Also make sure to try out our own made-from-scratch slicer software “CraftWare” (free to download from our website), with detailed layer-by-layer visualization and corresponding G-code; partnered with CraftBot for the complete 3D printing experience! The price of the CraftBot PLUS is 999 USD with 1 roll of PLA filament included, please select a filament color from our filament/product section in our webshop and place this color request in the comments section upon checkout.

Feature highlights


A well designed precise 3D printer created by experienced engineers.

Core XY mechanism

Less traveling weight = rapid acceleration.

Custom hardware

CraftBot utilizes ARM Cortex-M3 based high speed hardware.

Custom firmware

Our own firmware optimized for CraftBot, but still highly tweakable.

Heatable & removable build platform

For the best printing results, avoid the warping of printed objects.

CraftBot dual channel communication

Allows immediate user interaction during printing.

Interactive printing

Users may alter printing parameters during the printing process.

Large objects

With a build volume of 250x200x200mm (approx. 10″ x 8″ x 8″)

Precision printing

100 microns per layer, no problem!


Free & universal 3D printer software. Utilizes an advanced slicing algorithm.



Printing technology: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Build volume: 25x20x20 cm
Layer resolution: 100 micron (ultra)
200 micron (high)
300 micron (medium)
Position precision: X,Y: 4 micron
Z: 2 micron
Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm
Print speed: 50-200 mm/s


Software package: CraftWare
File types: OBJ/STL/CWPRJ
Supports: Windows 7 and above


Frame dimensions: X: 40 cm
Y: 36 cm
Z: 37 cm
With all parts attached: X: 40 cm
Y: 46 cm
Z: 45 cm
Shipping box: X: 46 cm
Y: 42 cm
Z: 43 cm
Weight: 14 kg
Shipping weight: 17 kg


Ambient temperature: 15-32 °C
Storage temperature: 0-32 °C
Operating nozzle temperature: 180-260 °C
Operating heated build plate temperature: 50-110°C
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