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Innovative and user-friendly 3D printer creates objects in Fused Filament
Fabrication technology. User friendly, with cutting edge technologies for
safety, noise pollution, ease of operation, printed models quality. Fitted with an
integrated webcam, innovative print chamber temperature indication, heated
bed, 2 printing nozzles for printing in 2 different colors or of 2 different
materials simultaneously.

Build Volume: 7.5 X 7.5 X 9 inches

Cutting edge technological solutions applied:

XY drive in H belt drive system
DIG System “Drive Inside the Guide”: XY axis power transmission elements placed in linear guides – increased usage safety.
XY drive system built on the quiet, precise 12mm rails.
A “clean chamber” in the print area: XYZ drive motors placed in the lower printer chamber 1 or 2 printing nozzles – easy expandability.
2 printing nozzles: easy expandability.
Printing heads shield – additional protection against burns.
The temperature of the building chamber indication: red light – hot,
blue – safe.


Technical Specifications


Print technology:  Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)

Build volume:  190x190x230 mm (7.5 X 7.5 X 9 inches)

Layer resolution:  High 25 μm  Mid 125 μm  Low 250 μm

Positioning precision:  XY 12.5 μm  Z 0.625 μm

Stabilization system:  3­point

Filament  Diameter:  1.75 mm

Material:  PLA / ABS / Laywood / Laybrick

Nozzle  Diameter:  0.5 mm

Nozzles number:  1 or 2


Software:  3NOVATICA Repetier Host

3D model file types:  STL, OBJ

Supported os:  Windows XP/7/8

Power requirements:  100-­240VAC/50­-60 Hz/240W

Connectivity:  USB, SD

Physical dimensions 

Printer:  473x473x520 mm

Printer weight:  23 kg

Shipping box:  500x500x610 mm

Shipping weight:  25 kg


Operation:  15­32°C

Storage: 0­38°C


Chassis:  powder­coated steel

Body:  powder­coated steel

Build surface:  tempered glass with BuildTak

XY bearings:  XY linear slight 12 mm

Z bearings:  Z ball bearing

Stepper motors:  1.8° step angle with 1/16 microstepping

Efficiency:  8.67 m/h (for layer 0.2 mm thick)


Camera resolution:  1.3 Mpx

Safety indicator: red light: hot; blue light: safe

Warranty:  2­years

Made in:  EU (Poland)

Certificates:  CE

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