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MillRight M3 CNC Kit


Spindle Upgrade

Fully Upgraded Desktop CNC Machine without router/spindle or mount: $443.00

Fully Upgraded Desktop CNC Machine with CNC Spindle: $555.00

Fully Upgraded Desktop CNC Machine with Dewalt Compact Router: $595.00

Work Area: 10.25” X 10.25” X 2” (260mm X 260mm X 50mm)

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-Laser cut, anodized aluminum bearing plates

-V slot rails on X&Y axes with acetal V wheels

-Linear rods on Z Axis with linear bearing blocks

-CNC routed MDF frame

-High torque NEMA 17 stepper motors

-Steel motor mounts for the X & Y

-9mm fiberglass reinforced GT2 timing belts

-Mechanically advantaged belt driven Z Axis for fast lifts

-Space efficient moving bed design

-Pronged tee nuts in the bed for easy work holding

-Generic Uno, USB controller board -Grbl compatible stepper driver shield and DRV8825 drivers

-24V Volt, 120 Watt power supply


-Black epoxy paint that is resistant to cutting oils and moisture.

-Homing switch kits that include 3 snap switches, switch brackets, hardware, and wiring. Wire splicing and connector crimping is required.

-Rigidity kit including two extra V wheels for the X axis plate and three #10 threaded rods for frame stiffening.

NOT Included (Unless Added): Router, router mount, work clamps, or end mills (cutting bits).


Software is not included but everything you need is available for FREE.

Mills wood, plastics, printed circuit boards, and can even make light cuts in aluminum

Working Area:
Over 10.25”×10.25”×2”  (260mm × 260mm × 50mm)

Dewalt 611 Info:

Laser Burning Upgrade COMING SOON!



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